History and Mission

The New England Immunology Conference was established 40 years ago by Henry Wortis and Terry Strom with the goal of creating a focal point for regional immunologists to share and discuss their work in a casual atmosphere. Since then, various New England Immunology Institutions have hosted the meeting for periods of 5 years in a row. Currently, Susan Swain and Ann Rothstein from the University of Massachusetts Medical School are chairing the meetings until they hand over the torch for the 2022 meeting. The meeting runs from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon on a fall weekend.  

The meeting format is designed to especially promote the interaction between graduate students and post-docs with established investigators. This is facilitated in part through the choice of the meeting location, the Marine Biological Laboratory in scenic Woods Hole, which provides on-site accommodation and shared meals for all attendees, as well as the overlap of the evening poster session with the open bar following the New England dinner on Saturday nights.

Besides the opportunity to present their work alongside world-class speakers (both in the format of posters and the newly added short talks), a major attraction for trainees are the numerous poster prizes that are sponsored by the American Association of Immunologists as well as by our industry supporters.